Spotless CPAP Dual Action Disinfector (UV + O3) Sanitizer

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The first dual technology CPAP cleaning solution, utilizing activated oxygen (Ozone) & UV (Ultraviolet) Light Sterilization. Eliminates 99.99% of CPAP bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens safely and naturally. Also removes odours and smells from your CPAP machine, tubing & masks.

Sanitize CPAP Masks, and your entire CPAP system using the included hose adapter.

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  • 750ML Large Capacity, fits your CPAP mask, pillows, headgear, hose, water chamber and more for disinfection!

    A) Activated Oxygen (Ozone) & UV (Ultraviolet) – Dual Mode
    B) Activated Oxygen (Ozone) Only
    C) UV (Ultraviolet) Only

    Sanitize CPAP Masks, and your entire CPAP system using the hose connection simultaneously.


    Effectively remove smells, odours, germs, pathogens and viruses from your entire CPAP system by using the included hose adapter.


    Timer mode automatically runs every day to keep your cpap system sanitized


    Compatible with most CPAP Machines on the market

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Weight 3 lbs

4 reviews for Spotless CPAP Dual Action Disinfector (UV + O3) Sanitizer

  1. camille

    no regrets in buying this cpap cleaner! it works better than the Lumin. this one can disinfect mg things like keys and makeup too not just for the cpap machine!

  2. Shanti D

    the lady in chat suggested this for my cpap cleaner and I am so happy that this works! i love that it fits my purse too so I can also disinfect my everday stuff! thank you for the superb customer service!!!!

  3. Ahia Lesmond

    This is an amazing product! I have tried some cpap disinfector and they are not as effective as this. I can see the difference because my mask and machine smells new and clean after I have put them here. I am a hospital staff and it is so important to disinfect whenever I finished my shift. I bought this so I can disinfect my things when I get home too and also for my cpap equipment. I think I will buy another one for my partner. Please consider getting one of these because it is very effective!

  4. Alyssa Bermudo

    I receive a message from their CS when they launch this gadget and I am so satisfied with my decision to purchase a disinfector especially these days when it gets me so anxious just to think of coronavirus. Now, I have the peace of mind that my mask is thoroughly clean and my other staff can also be disinfected by this.

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