Fisher & Paykel Vitera Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear

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  • The unique forehead clip keeps your forehead straps together for easy disassembly and reassembly while also reducing the chance of headgear tangling.
  • The adjustable headgear features forehead and crown straps which provide you with easy and personalized sizing.
  • New headgear clips with tactile grips help you easily find and position them on the mask frame.
  • VisiBlue™ color cues incorporated into key components of the mask help you with fitting, disassembly, and reassembly.
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Introducing F&P Vitera, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s new Full Face mask, which incorporates unique technologies designed to provide you with comfort throughout the night. Vitera features the RollFit™ XT seal, headgear with VentiCool™ technology, and a low-profile stability bar


1. Adaptable seal designed for comfort

The RollFit XT seal rolls back and forth on the bridge of your nose, which means:

  • The freedom to move as the mask adapts to your different sleeping positions, helping to maintain a comfortable seal and minimize leak
  • Reduced pressure and soreness on the bridge of your nose.

The RollFit XT seal, which covers the nose and mouth, is designed to operate at a range of pressures from low to high. There are three seal sizes available: Small, Medium, and Large.

2. Headgear designed to keep you cool and comfortable

The Vitera headgear features VentiCool technology, a custom-made breathable fabric. VentiCool is designed to allow heat and moisture to escape through the fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep.

The adjustable headgear comes in two sizes: Small and Medium/Large, to help you find a comfortable fit.

3. Stability bar to help keep the seal in place as you move

The Vitera features a low-profile stability bar designed to keep the seal in place, helping to minimize mask leaks and supporting a comfortable night’s sleep.

Available Sizes:

Small, Medium, Large

Included In Box:

Mask Frame (Stability Bar – includes elbow and swivel)
Cushion (RollFit XT Seal)
Adjustable, breathable headgear and clips (includes forehead clip)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

Large, Medium, Small, Large (L)

2 reviews for Fisher & Paykel Vitera Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear

  1. Faith R.

    Delivery was very fast! I received my order here in UK today and I just ordered this last Thursday! Great job CPAP team

  2. Glen Braid

    Incredible customer service! + The mask is very effective. NO air leaks and quiet. I get to sleep comfortably mask after I start using the Vitera Full Face mask.

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