About Us

CPAP Specials is a leading online supplier providing the best deals to customers around the world on CPAP machines, masks and accessories. We aim to offer the most competitive prices on CPAP equipment to customers everywhere.


Our ultimate goal here at CPAP Specials is to make sleep apnea equipment more affordable for all people in all countries! We don’t believe in the ‘price control’ exercised in the sleep industry and allow orders from all countries world-wide to make therapy more attainable for all people.

At CPAP Specials, we also fully understand the importance of a good quality night’s sleep as this provides one with all the necessary energy for both the body and the mind for the day ahead. Unfortunately, those who suffer from sleep apnea will know all too well that although you may appear to be asleep during the night, you are easily and often awakened at regular intervals. The equipment we sell have all been designed to assist you in overcoming apneas, hypopneas & snoring ultimately achieving a great night’s sleep.


Because we do not have a physical store and only sell our products online, we do not have all the usual overhead costs of a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ shop. This means that we can offer our customers highly affordable prices on our entire product range that simply cannot be beaten!

With innovation, exceptional customer service, continuous improvement and professionalism being the cornerstone of everything we do here at CPAP Specials, we are committed to bringing our customers only the very best CPAP equipment currently available on the market: and this, at the most affordable prices!


A message from our founder:

“Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit our online store. For over seven years I have been working in the respiratory field in multiple countries and witnessed the prohibitively restrictive prices on CPAP equipment around the world. I have seen the price control in the sleep industry that makes CPAP therapy ineffective or unattainable for many people, it was for this reason I founded CPAP Specials. I hope and trust we are able to provide effective equipment for your therapy at affordable prices and in turn improve your quality of life.”

-Dr. Kye Tucker
Founder of CPAP Specials